70's Anniversary of Inha, Hidden Contributors of Schools

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: Interview of contributors outside the classroom

     "Good fruit never comes from a bad tree" Inha University's 70 years can be said to be the Good fruit of the hard work of numerous instructors and the passionate sweat of students. But on the other hand, there are people who have unobtrusively supported them. Aren't you curious about the contributors outside the classroom? Let's go to the Health Center, Emergency Operations Center, and External Vice President's Office at Inha University. We can hear about the story of Inha University's health, safety, and future there.


1. People responsible for the health of Inha University.
     The University Health Center is a place that's right there on campus, but most students don't take advantage of it. When you are a little sick or injured, you might feel burdened for some reason about how sick are you should you go to the health center or whether there is an additional cost. I think I can give you information about that concern. I asked the nurse at The University Health Center about what the school members would be curious.

Q1. What kind of work do you do at the University Health Center?
 ㅡ I usually prescribe over-the-counter drugs and treat simple wounds. Many people are reminiscent of professional medical institutions in the name of health centers. but actually, it's not. Institutions like universities are not legally required to have medical facilities. But elementary, middle, and high schools which are compulsory education institutions must have health facilities. The Inha University Health Center plays a similar role with them. Ours doesn't have a doctor. Because it is not a medical institution. If the symptoms are serious, we can help you transfer to a hospital.

Q2. Who can use The University Health Center? Are they the students who usually come? Can the faculty come? 
 ㅡ Any member of Inha University can use it. Students come often, but professors and employees of outsourcing companies working on campus also come. 
Q2-2) I think a wide variety of people are coming to see you. Do you have any memorable experiences?

 ㅡ In the past, the professor came to our center because he hit his finger on the door. I recommended a visit to the hospital after treatment because I had swelling and a suspected fracture. One time, a student came and said he couldn't breathe well, so I examined him and he had a lung problem. I transferred him to an ambulance, but he needed a patient protector, So I boarded together with him and took over the role of a companion.

Q3. That was a big deal. I'm a little nervous just thinking that someone in need is visiting. Is there anything hard or rewarding you get from it while working?
 ㅡ If it's a mentally difficult part, it's a responsibility. Since we are not a medical institution, doctors do not work together like hospitals. I feel responsible for an unexpected situation with limited manpower and to make sure that the problem does not worsen. When I feel rewarded, I hear that the visitors get better after being examined in the early stages, or that they visit the hospital right away to get healthy through simple treatment and It's when I heard you say, "Thank you."

Q4. If you want to deliver something to Inha's students, What is it?
 ㅡ Only those who know the university health center come to visit. Giving a professional aura by name seems to be an obstacle that makes it difficult to visit comfortably. Simple treatment is okay, so if you are not feeling well, please think of it as a high school nurse's room and come. 
   In addition, there are times when the university health center is mistaken for a hospital and asked to issue a medical certificate for submission to class. At this time, I felt bad because I couldn't do this. The University Health Center issues documents for temporary evidence to students who urgently need to visit the hospital for sudden health reasons. Such as a high fever during class. However, please note that it is not an official document issued by a medical institution used to attend class.

Q5. What do you have in your personal feelings or goals about celebrating our 70th anniversary? 
 ㅡ I just want all the members to be healthy until the 100th anniversary.

<The interior of The University Health Center>


2. People who are contacted by Inha University's unexpected situation 
     Emergency Operations Center Interview
   "What if there's a fire in the lab?" The various problems that occur in schools, especially safety, are particularly important. There is a place that helps us at times like this. It's the Emergency Operations Center. The manager here was doing something special for the school along with safety management.

   He is proud to keep Inha University safe and responsible for frequently communicating with outside visitors. That was why he always smiled and tried to respond kindly to visitors as much as he was in a security uniform! He actually is. It was impressive to see him smiling and explaining to the courier who asked for directions during the interview with me. Let's learn about the Emergency Operations Center with this manager.

Q1. What kind of work do you usually do in the Emergency Operations Center?
ㅡ The main task is to put the school's safety first. For that, we check school facilities and find harmful factors. Also, the staffs control the access of the suspicious person from outside through daytime and night patrols. Lastly, Our center uses a remote system to lock or open the school's door and check the CCTV. Currently, about 800 CCTV cameras are installed in the school.

Q2. The importance of safety is something that anyone can relate to. You know, our school is pretty big. is there any difficulty or attention to managing it?
ㅡ What we pay special attention to is not missing even minor hints. For example, even if you think that when a fire alarm goes off, ordinary people just go off, but we have to go and check right away without slowing down. We think "Safety first, Safety last, Safety always." And we pay more attention to crowded festivals, and on the contrary, more attention to late-night hours with fewer people.
Q2-2) How do you manage safety at the center, especially when there are few or many people, such as the festival or late-night hours you mentioned?
ㅡ Major events with large crowds, such as festivals, work with the police. If we find a suspicious person during a night patrol, we first persuade him to go home. but if it doesn't work, we report it to the police and get help from public authorities. This is because the Emergency Operations Center does not have the legal authority to exercise physical force.
Q2-3) Surely at night it seems to be particularly safety-conscious. Any other incidents that happened at night?
ㅡ (Based on the date of coverage) Last night, the police were dispatched to the school due to external complaints. After the end of the COVID-19 era, students often go to see flowers in the In Kyung-ho and Heidegger forests, and it seems that about 10 people gathered on the bench next to In Kyung-ho and drank. 
  I had reported to the police that a passing citizen was too noisy. There was also a high school nearby, so I checked if there were any minors and warned the students.

Q3. Do schools also have a lot of work related to external users such as citizens? How do you deal with this?
ㅡ Many citizens visit our school. This is also related to the characteristics of Inha University. As it is an open campus, Incheon citizens visit for exercise and relaxation. If you emphasize school safety too much, it is difficult to accept the needs of citizens. If citizens' positions are too reflected, it can become crowded on campus and also can affect the safety of school members.
    We want to protect the safety of school members in preparation for dangerous situations and reduce inconvenience to citizens as much as possible. I'm working at Inha University with a sense of mission and pride and joy so that it can become a space to breathe with citizens and cooperate with the community.

Q4. If you want to deliver something to Inha's students, What is it?
ㅡ I have something to thank the students. There was a fire in the lab before in an accident. I was grateful that the damage did not increase because the students were very familiar with how to deal with fire extinguishers. In this regard, I hope that more school members will be able to cope with emergencies by knowing some things like the location of fire extinguishers and automatic heart shockers.

Q5. What do you have in your personal feelings or goals about celebrating our 70th anniversary? 
ㅡ I think it would be a success if the members of the school watched me work in the Emergency Operations Center and think that I want to have such a security guard in my apartment house. Let’s say that’s my goal.

<The interior of the Emergency Operations Center>


3. The person who leads the future of Inha University.
    Interview with Inha University Vice President
   A person who decides the big direction for the school to move externally. To this end, I met External Vice President Kim Woong-hee, who notices changes in society and strives to look far into the future.

Q1. What kind of work do you do as an external vice president at Inha University
ㅡ My duties can be largely divided into three categories: educational support, on-campus infrastructure management, and community cooperation. I support the education support part from an administrative point of view and plan related projects.

       And I serve as the head of the infrastructure management innovation division in relation to the on-campus infrastructure. We mainly discuss campus development here. Specifically, we're going to envision what characteristics each campus will have and a vision. We are also planning to upgrade the Yonghyeon Campus and build Songdo Campus and Gimpo Medical Campus. 

    I also work for the Community Cooperation Committee, maintain smooth relationships with local civic groups and various social organizations, and respond to the media. In particular, we are carrying out projects that allow students to plan to solve community problems by creating a cooperative system to solve community problems.

Q2. As it is the 70th anniversary of the school's opening, I think there will be many related events and projects. What are some of the ongoing events?
ㅡ  Currently, there is a project preparation committee to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the school's opening, and I work as one of the general preparation committee members. There are a total of five major projects under plan.
    (1) The most important thing we are currently working on is the promotion of the tentatively named Hawaii Inha Park construction plan. The park will be located in a small vacant space between the Jeongseok Academic Information Center and the Law School. We are going to reveal the noble meaning of the Korean-Hawaiian who made Inha University today, and to establish a memorial park by creating symbols together. In addition, we will open a part of the reading room located close to the vacant lot like a lounge and remodel it to connect to the memorial park.
    (2) Second, it is created as the Inha History Memorial Hall related to the previous content. The rest area on the other side of the Jeongseok Lounge on the first floor of Jeongseok was created as the Inha History Memorial Hall, from the beginning to the establishment of Inha University in Inha Park, Hawaii, and from its establishment to the present at the Inha History Memorial Hall on the first floor of Jeongseok.
    (3) Third, the rocket in front of the cafe, Grazier is a model to commemorate the first test launch of a civilian rocket in 1964 in Inha. In commemoration of the achievements at that time, we are planning a life-and-death plan to reproduce the rocket launch at the Songdo campus.
   (4) The fourth is planning various events and the 70th anniversary festival of Inha University with the local community from September to October.
   (5) Finally, "Inha and Incheon" as a regular class to commemorate the 70th-anniversary The lecture was opened for the first time this semester. It's a liberal arts class with two credits. The lecture will be conducted in an omnibus manner by inviting people who are well-versed in the history of Inha and Incheon from outside.

Q3. There are so many different projects going on. I would also like to ask you questions about education that can be said to determine the direction of Inha University in the future. I heard that you are conducting 'educational innovation' recently. What is it specifically?
ㅡ The key is the Department of Free Major. We plan to expand the quota of 70 people to 270 when it was first opened in 2023. The name of this is Free Major Type 1. Except for some special departments such as medical school and education school, all departments can be selected as majors.
   Type 2, which is being planned to expand free majors and additionally plan, allows students to choose departments by dividing liberal arts and natural sciences. This is expected to have a total capacity of 550 people. Type 2 is characterized by one or more separate convergence majors.

Q4. Are there any difficulties in pushing ahead with the project?
ㅡ The biggest problem is the concentration of majors. When students majoring in free majors chose their majors, about 80% chose electronics or computer science. When the quota is increased in this state, there is no guarantee that it will not proceed in the same pattern. Also, the educational conditions need to be improved in the departments that students choose a lot, and there are concerns about that. There should be a lot of lectures.
   In addition, increasing the quota of the Department of Free Major means that the quota of other departments will be reduced. A department with a large number of students can run classes while maintaining its identity even if a part of the quota is reduced. However, in the case of a small department with about 30 students, there are some concerns about whether it can survive.
Q4-2) You said 80% of students were focused on a specific department, but can't you limit the quota separately, such as a major or a double major program?

   ㅡ I can't. All the options of students in the College of Liberal Studies should be guaranteed. For example, there are a total of 270 students in the Department of Free Major, and if all of them apply for a major in computer engineering, they must accept it as that major.
Q4-3) The purpose of guaranteeing students' major options is good, but there are many things to consider. How can we solve the difficulties?
ㅡ First of all, in terms of the concentration of major selection, students' career paths should be supported together. It is not just a major that follows the recently popular industry, but we will guide you with the opening of a career program so that you can really choose the major you want. 
    Secondly, we will provide support such as easing the standards for opening lectures in some departments according to the expansion of free majors. I hope that students will be able to study according to the times through convergence majors created by collecting opinions from school members and receiving advice from experts.

 Q5. What do you have in your personal feelings or goals about celebrating our 70th anniversary? 
ㅡ If Inha University has a goal to move forward regarding the 70th anniversary, I think it can be said with the keyword "Multiversity." So far, Inha University has developed and grown as a single campus in Yonghyeon-dong, and I hope to establish a research and education complex cluster through multi-business starting from the 70th anniversary. 
     Personally, I would like to set goals for the rest of my life and make specific plans for this. I hope it will be a year of discovering and putting something into practice so that i can live the next 30 years with things I haven't done other than the path of scholars I've walked so far.

  ㅡ Me: That's a great goal, That's it for the interview. thank you for your words.

< Kim Woong-hee, External Vice President>


    During the interview, I felt proud of everyone who did their best in their place for Inha University. The nurse at the University Health Center who said, "I hope all the members of the school are healthy." The head of the Emergency Operations Center, helping students live a happy school life. Even the External Vice President who meets many people to decide the direction the school will move forward.
    I think the 70th anniversary of Inha University is more valuable. 
Because there were people like this who have been with students from the past to the present. Currently, now, all of you who do your best at Inha University are making Inha University after 70 years. I end the article with the phrase of the card I received with the gift of entering the freshman. "My Brand Inha."


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