Celebrating 70 Years of Inha University

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- Beyond history, towards innovation!

 Inha University, celebrating its 70th anniversary! On a campus brimming with the energy of early summer, Inha University's beloved mascots, Annyong and Indeok, made a grand appearance. Today's mission for Annyong and Indeok is to answer the question, "What kind of university is Inha?" Shall we find out together?


What is the history behind Inha University?

 Inha University has a rich history spanning 70 years. Our university was established in 1954 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Korean immigration to Hawaii, coming together to overcome the hardships Korea was facing at the time with the warm support of Incheon and Hawaii.

 The name 'Inha University' carries a deep meaning. 'Inha' is derived from the 'In' (仁) of Incheon and the 'Ha' (荷) of Hawaii. This symbolizes the cooperation and friendship between the citizens of Incheon and the Korean diaspora residing in Hawaii.

 The foundation of Inha University was laid with the active proposal of President Syngman Rhee, enthusiastic support from the Korean community in Hawaii, and the interest and patronage of domestic leaders. Overcoming initial difficulties, our school has contributed to the advancement of science and industry in Korea, consistently growing with the support of figures such as Chairman Cho Joong-hoon of the Hanjin Group.

 Today, Inha University continues to produce talents who will lead Korea's future in various fields. As we celebrate our 70th anniversary, Inha University remembers the past and moves forward with the motto, "Beyond history, towards innovation!"


Could you give me an introduction to our school?

 Let me introduce our university! Since its establishment in 1954, Inha University has adhered to the founding spirit of creativity, diligence, and service, with a basic education philosophy of character development, truth-seeking, and social service. Like our motto 'Jin'(眞), we strive for the sincere pursuit of learning, walking together with the spirit of 'Inha'(仁荷), where everyone progresses as one.

 Particularly, our university is renowned for its Asia-Pacific School of Logistics, Department of Aerospace Engineering, and Department of Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering. The Asia-Pacific School of Logistics focuses on producing global leaders in the logistics industry, the Department of Aerospace Engineering researches cutting-edge technologies to realize the dream of flying, and the Department of Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering teaches the science and technology necessary for conquering the seas. Situated in the heart of the splendid city of Incheon, these programs have become the pride of Inha University.

 Here at Inha, over 20,000 students are nurturing their dreams. From undergraduate to graduate studies, students explore a vast array of academic fields, gaining in-depth knowledge that can be applied in real-world scenarios. Through a harmonious blend of practical and theoretical education, students grow to become bright talents of Inha University, shining globally.


Can you take me through the landmarks and hidden places that every student at Inha should know about?

 The first place to introduce is Inkyung Lake. Inkyung Lake is the flower of our campus. It’s a place full of students' passion and wisdom, and a special spot for relaxation and contemplation. Originally a wetland, it is now a beautiful site with lotus flowers, ducks, and fish providing year-round beauty. There's even a rumor about a mechanical duck living in Inkyung Lake, haha.

 The second spot to introduce is the Echo Stone. Do you know about the place where your voice echoes back? When you make a sound here, it feels like you are in a resonant cave. Established in 1984, it creates stories on our campus along with the Flying Dragon Tower. There’s a legend that the dragon of the Flying Dragon Tower takes your voice and returns it. Interestingly, the echo effect wasn't intended during the design! It’s a delightful gift from nature

 The third place to introduce is Heidegger's Forest. Do you know about this wonderful space called Heidegger's Forest? Heidegger's Forest is a densely packed forest of plane trees located in front of buildings 6 and 9 of Inha University. This place is particularly popular among students in the summer, where you can see friends chatting under the cool shade! Moreover, in autumn, the forest is covered with colorful foliage and fallen leaves, showcasing the romantic atmosphere of the university!

 Lastly, our school has a special aircraft called Woonamho! As the first aircraft of Korean Air, which opened Korea's aviation history, it has now become our university's proud exhibit. It has a deep connection with Inha University's aerospace engineering field. To understand the significant role Woonamho played, you have to see its shining silver wings on the lawn! The wide lawn around Woonamho is also a place where students gather for picnics or lay out mats to relax. It’s a place where students can enjoy leisure in campus life by reading books or chatting with friends under the warm sunlight, creating memories of their university life at Inha University!


How does Inha University embody its global vision and international collaborations?

 Let me introduce the global aspects and international activities of Inha University.

 Our school spreads its knowledge around the world and pursues encounters with various cultures, at the center of which is Inha University in Tashkent (IUT). Located in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, IUT has established itself as a hub for IT education in the region, delivering Korea's advanced education system. Inha University has led everything from the establishment to the operation of this campus!

 Additionally, we have exchanges with Baku Engineering University. We run a dual degree program in cooperation with Baku Engineering University in Azerbaijan. Through this program, students have the opportunity to earn degrees from both universities simultaneously.

 Moreover, our Buddy Program helps international students quickly adapt to life in Korea. Students assist each other, introducing Korean culture while helping their peers. Our exchange student program and overseas regional studies program provide students with valuable opportunities to study and experience different countries.

 Through these programs, students can broaden their international perspective and experience various cultures. Wouldn’t you like to try it?


Which restaurants around Inha University are student favorites and why?

 When you think of Inha University, the back gate comes to mind with its many famous eateries! Let me introduce just a few of them!

 First, DakSal Couple(닭살부부)! DakSal Couple is a place that catches your interest just by its name. It is especially famous for its pork neck and green onion pancakes, offering generous portions at affordable prices, making it popular among students! It’s the perfect place to enjoy with friends, especially memorable after exams.

 Gamei(가메이) is a popular Japanese restaurant among students.Here, you can enjoy fresh and diverse sushi and donburi at reasonable prices! It’s a must-visit for students who love Japanese cuisine, suitable for a light meal during lunch or dinner.

 Misikdang(미식당) is one of the famous Western restaurants around Inha University. Students enjoy various Western dishes such as pasta, risotto, and pizza here. It’s a beloved spot for gatherings or dates, popular for both its taste and atmosphere.

 Around Inha University, there are several Jjimdak(찜닭) restaurants, notably ‘Cheese-Loving Jjimdak’, ‘Chon Dak’, and ‘Gosu Jjimdak’. These places are loved by many students for their tender chicken, rich cheese, and various toppings. Each Jjimdak restaurant boasts its unique flavor and style, often chosen as meeting spots among students! Can you already taste the deliciousness? Yum!



 As the sun sets and the campus is bathed in evening light, our Annyong and Indeok spent the whole day answering students' questions while touring the campus. Introducing the diverse aspects of Inha University, from the characteristics of each department, historical buildings, vibrant student life, to the globally minded educational environment! Inha University proved itself to be a place of pride that can confidently answer any question. Annyong and Indeok look at each other and high-five.

Special thanks to Inha University's official SNS promotion channel 'inha_instar' for providing the character and photos :)




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